VTCT Level 3 – Beauty Therapy Make Up




  • Health & Safety
  • Client Care
  • Product Promotion
  • Make up Application
  • Fashion & Photographic Make Up
  • Camouflage Make Up
  • Airbrush Make Up
  • Media Make Up/Theatrical
  • Face & Body Art
  • Individual Eyelash Extensions


What is Government Funding?

It is a scheme run by the Government to allow people to develop or change their careers. You can have up to 4 funded courses in your lifetime to do so. 

Level 2 – Government Grant (non-repayable) and requirements are to be met. (This does not come into your 4 credits)

Level 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 – Advanced Learner Loans – Anyone is entitled to this, no credit checks is required. Amount is repaid from your tax once you are earning above £27,000 per year. You can still use this service, even if you have used 1-3 of your 4 credits elsewhere.

For Example “if your salary was £27,725, then your repayment would be £180 per year from your tax or £15 per month” – this information was taken from the Advanced Learner Loan FAQ’s


  • START DATE: 14th September 2022 (Please contact us for an enrolment to save your space)
  • TIMES: 9:30am – 2:30pm
  • DAYS: Wednesday
  • DURATION: 20 Weeks 
  • COST: Government Funded



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